Been thinking about chucking it all to go back to Ethiopia, starting a nifty new business and being the next zillionaire? Can't come up with a great scheme to inch you closer to financial excess? Fret not. Often times, knowing what NOT to get into is half the battle. As part of our community service sentence, SELEDA has provided the following list of  top ten ...

10) Dennis Rodman's 24-Hour Tattoo and Body Piercing Parlor: Our tattoo masters are bilingual.

9) Pork Products 'R Us: All Pork All the Time.

8) Tsehaye's Ski Resort and Shoppe: We only use imported snow.

7) Cha-Chi's Jet Set Pet Salon: Your Pets need manicures too.

6) Inter-Kilil baseball championships.  

5) Enjera and Wot In-a-Can: just open, microwave, and m'…. m'…good!

4) Mengistu Haile Mariam's Center for Spiritual Awakening and Healing.

3) The Big, Shiny, Happy Barney Store- Bole Branch: The next best thing to Ergo and fiftfit for your kids.

2) Parfum de McDonald: For when you miss America.

And the number one business or product that will never fly in Ethiopia....

1) The Super Duper Nakfa-to-Birr changing machine.