We will have you know, our self-touted editorialship prowess was seriously called into question in the process of cranking out a second edition of 'Life Diaries.'

Two days before we were slated to submit a final draft of all four entries, we kept drumming our fingers in crazed panic and murmuring to no one in particular, "Y'know, this month's 'Life Diaries' would really be exciting... if we actually HAD ,uh, writers!" Yes, yes, T minus a couple of days to deadline, and we were still bereft of guest diarists.

Days flew by, our calendars mocked us, and we still couldn't round up a single soul. Our colleagues, who by this time  had had enough of our grand posturing and dramatic 'artists-in-crisis' flare-ups, had no sympathy.

Finally, on the verge of being banished to literary purgotary, we sat down to pen one of our "chico menchaka" emails pleading with potential scribes to bail us out, when the gods of literature smiled upon us.

All this time, we had two most excellent candidates within striking distance, and we didn't even know it. Tish tosh! Then came the begging, sitting vigil and bequeathing of our first born unto them, until they finally said yes. (Well, it was more like "Woye chikichik! We'll do it already, if you promise to lose our email addresses forever!"... or something to that effect. But why regurgitate healing wounds?)

Abiy Desta, a biochemist in Rockeville, MD, and Haeran Fisseha, a senior consultant in supply chain management in San Francisco, are not only further proof that there really is no"off" position on the genius switchplate, but they also happen to be stellar charter members of Wodet Alen. SELEDA is extremely lucky to have them on board, and will be eternally grateful for their role as our "ye nefs derashoch". (Abet! Ye engna batHonoo noro!)





Have a grudge against someone? Wanna get even? Nominate them to be the next diarist! Email us suggestions/nominations at Seleda@yahoo.com, and vengeance shall be yours.