*What we want you to think we are working on*

How black am I? Ethiopians struggling with race.

Compilation of Ethiopian Community Associations in North America. (*)

Corporate Savvy: The Fine Art of Success in Corporate America.

The Battle of the Sexes: Ethiopian Men and Women Speak.

Settling Down… "The next thing you know, you are signing up  your kids to Little League." New Ethiopian parents discuss parenthood.

*We were chagrined to find out that there does not exist a master list of Ethiopian Community Asssociations in North America. Please forward us information (address/phone/fax/email) of an association in your area. While you are at it... volunteer there! Most need people to work in the offices for a couple of hours a day/week. Or donate office supplies. Up and at 'em!



Special thanks to Dane Greene and Scott Burkey, who were many a times had to be hastily summoned to our sides to calmly assure us that no, we haven't "lost everything on the hard drive." SELEDA would not have happened without their patience! Thanks guys!