Who's Where in the Corporate World

[***Thank you for your interest. It is with mixed feelings that we have to inform our readers that we have presently reached our limit for new members. We are nothing if not accomoding, however, and have started an industrious wait list for those of you who want to join us later. So, please feel free to fill out an application and send it on. If a present member-elect is unable to perform his/her duties, whoever is first on the wait list will be offered membership. The humble SELEDA editors would like to thank all the Charter Members for their early and enthusiastic support of Wodet Alen! Hopefully, we will be able to expand, be fruitful and multiply in the very near future.***]

Regrettably, our ubër webmasters, paragons of respectability and all that is chaste, have refused to be complicit in a little scheme we hatched to gain carte blanche access to your hard drive. (Thereby, effectively bringing to a demise our early attempts at big brotherhood.)

We're busy working on corrupting them (what good are webmasters who won't moonlight as saboteurs), but in the meantime we've decided to do this the old fashioned way and actually ask you what we need to know.

... OK ...Right about now most of you are having flashbacks to the days back home when a curmudgeon Kebele rep would drop by to take yet another perpetually whacked out census. (Remember those? "Why yes, little Girma is still in pre-school. What? What mustache?") Relax. Take a deep breath, wipe clean those haunting childhood memories, and breath in... and out... in....... out. Now fill out the form.

             Membership Requirements:





(please be specific and include any titles and/or any applicable fancy lettering which follow your name)

Brief Description of what you do to justify your salary:

Age: (reasonable approximation to the truth)

Primary Source of News (be specific):

Publications You Subscribe to:

Do you use your computer at home or at work:

Television/Radio Programs you follow regularly:

Book you most recently read:


Professional/social/civic organizations you belong to:

What topics would you like covered in SELEDA:

How many years have you resided away from Ethiopia:

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Additional comments:

The SELEDA editors are giddy beyond reason at the new and improved look of the Wodet Alen Form, and would like to confer hearty 'entuf entufs' to Abiy B. Desta and Daniel Getachew for being so generous in suggesting, aiding and abetting this marked improvement.