We are back! At least we think we're back. Not that anyone cares or notices...

The very best of the June mail...well, at least the letters that didn't leave us writhing in pain...

Ethiopians on the Frontier:  What is a young Ethiopian doing in the US Air Force? Not taking crap from us, for starters...

An Ethiopian grapples with past demons of the Red Terror.

An electrical engineer masquerading as a software engineer and an aspiring writer who crunches numbers, sling out verbal hash on assimilation, chauvinism, dating... and more chauvinism.

Back by popular demand...and because we've ran out of ideas..."Top Ten Signs you have REALLY become a ferenge." (There IS no off position on the genius switchplate...)

Ethiopian professionals sound off on dealing with office politics, and the advantages and pitfalls of being Ethiopian in corporate America.

Addis Ababa High School light bulb jokes.

Touched, informed, enlighted or entertained by something you've read in SELEDA? ...(Who are we kidding?) Whatever you want to say, we've made it easy for you. So simple, in fact, that even our readers in California use it.

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