*If it's good enough for Letterman, then by God, it's good enough for us…*

10. You've lobbied the Ethiopian church to shorten its Sunday services by a
'couple of hours'.

9. You still don't know when a 'kesat be-wala ketero' is.

8. Your first car was NOT a Honda, Nissan or Toyota.

7. You ask to see a beer list instead of automatically ordering a Heinekein.

6. You still get bewildered by the slow service at Ethiopian restaurants.

5. You own one or more of the following: a breadmaker, a Calphalon set, a Big Green Egg or anything from Pottery Barn.

4. You've described Enjera as 'those spongy burritos'… or haven't instinctively slapped  silly anyone who has.

3. You've ever waxed poetry about the dangers of carcinogens when the etan is fired up the at an Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

2. You have any kind of tattoo that is not 'nekisat'.

And the number one sign that you have edged oh-so-close to oblivion…

1. You have abbreviated your name in any way.

0-2… Respectably ferenje-ized, yet gallantly holding to your Ethiopian-ness.
3-5… Dangerously teetering on the brink of taking a date to a drive-in, catching  an ice hockey game and/or drinking flavored coffee.
6+…Beseme Ab! Minew, minew!