The Seleda Top Ten

Top Ten Things Not to Say or Do When You Visit Ethiopia.

  • 10: Refer to your grandfather as "my dope grand daddy pops", or your abro adegs as "The Arat Kilo Posse/Homeslices"
  • 9:  When in a "woyeyit" taxi, comment that "Hey, this is just like a Limo… except without the minibar."
  • 8:  In the middle of a heated political discussion shake your head and whisper "Can't we all just get along?"
  • 7:  When ordered to be searched by the police, yell out "Have you people heard of the 14th Amendment around here???"
  • 6:  On seeing Jan Meda again, wistfully say, "THIS would be a great spot to build great, huge Baby Gap.
  • 5:  Not generously tip local government officials for their "fast and polite" service.
  • 4:  Wear shorts with matching sandals and try to negotiate your taxi fare.
  • 3:  On route to Merkato, request that the driver take the scenic route.
  • 2:  When ordering 'kitfo' demand that it be prepared "Medium, medium rare, but a little to the medium side… I don't want to die of Ebola before seeing Sodere again."
  • And the number one thing not to say or do when visiting Ethiopia…

  • 1:  "What did you guys do with that great statue of Lenin?"