Life Diaries

Life Diaries


We are proud to have as June's Life Diarists two dynamic Ethiopians, who mercifully forgave our kit yata, leza yelelew lemena / invitation to participate in this forum.

Since we can't be ye lemagne meratchoch, we were in no position to negotiate with their outrageous demands to only use first names, and in the case of one of them, be geographically vague.

Gizay yametawooh, Amen belo mekebelů

Hailing in from bucolic New England (see what we mean about the endiyaw bedefenaw geographic specificity?) is Sofanit E., a former book editor who abandoned civilization to start her own publishing company. She's paired off with Awraris-just call me 'Gashe', who is the CEO of his own 'small, duriye-operation' sports marketing firm in Atlanta.

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