Just when we thought we could not possibly add to our burgeoning Ethiopian CD collection, we ran into the Enchantress Hanna Shenkute... Ms. H, if you're nasty. More haunting lyrics have not been scribed, more melodic music has not been composed, and no sweeter voice has crooned. This is the new Diva for all Seledawyan. Especially a favorite of ours is track Number Two, Ajeb New, which superbly recalls the beauty of Wello. If eskista doesn't mekegel you during this song, head straight to the nearest Qes timihirt bet, unfurl your keisha, and pay penitence to the chagrined gods of your foreparents. And don't stop until you are able to mezref at least two Qinays!

Proving that she is not only a phenomenal entertainer, The Divine Ms. H seems to also have sharp business acumen… She has Executive Producer credit, and the CD was produced by Hanna Productions. Beauty and brains? Unfair advantage.

Available at most Ethiopian markets. Around $16.00. For more information contact Ethio Express at EthioExprEss@aol.com

Ethiopian Professional Association Network

Who said youth was wasted on the young? Oh… we did. But not on these young'uns. In March of 1999, a group of young Ethiopian engineering students who met at the National Society of Black Engineers 25th annual convention, formed EPAN. This is a networking forum for Ethiopian professionals. EPAN posts internship opportunities, job openings and scholarship information.

For more information, go to: http://www.yebbo.com/EPAN/index.htm


When they are not busy dodging stray bullets and following insipid little "quality of life" edicts from Mayor Mussolini, we mean Gulliani, our fellow Ethiopians in New York City actually get to enjoy the ET scene in the Big Apple. Ethiopia@NYC is a "Guide to Ethiopian Culture in New York City", providing thorough information on Ethiopian restaurants, gatherings, happenings, community associations, churches… you name it.

Log on to: http://www.mindspring.com/~ethiopiaatnyc/

Horn of Africa Services

HOAS provides employment, housing, health and educational services to new immigrants from the Horn who have settled in the Seattle area. It offers community programs and social events to ease the adjustment.

Check out HOAS at: http://www.HOAS.org/

Ethiopian Yellow Pages

Who hasn't gone to D.C and wanted…business cards printed? Someone, thank God, has finally summoned the considerable gumption necessary to compile businesses owned/affiliated with Ethiopians in the US and Europe. From insurance brokers to real estate agents; from limousine service to construction companies, doctors to lawyers (yeach!), Ethiopian Yellow Pages offers the only comprehensive listing of its kind.

Go to: http://www.ethioyellowpages.com/

Ethiosoft '96

Are the kids not picking up Amharic quick enough? Do you see them rapidly falling into the same pitfalls kids you yourself used to make fun of when you were pre-mortgage and minus 2.4 bundles of joy? Well, weldew sayecherisu, besew lig ayesaku. However, the minute you hear your own chuchays pronounce QuanTA as "kuwanta, mommy", hurl them in front of the computer and pop in Ethiosoft '96. This multimedia software will teach them Ethiopic languages (interactively!), listen to music and get in touch with the homeland.

For more information, and to order, go to: http://members.aol.com/ethiosoft/page2.htm

Jomo Designs

You've finally bought yourself new digs! No, it might not be the estate you've always wanted in Bole, (abo!) but at least you could give it an Ethiopian flavor. How to decorate? You think the people at IKEA have any idea what an Axum chair is? Do you think the little salespeople at Storehouse care about Ethiopian crafted lampshades? (The answer here would be an emphatic "no!") Listen, when you get over your little obsession about paying an exorbitant amount of money for pressed board furniture, see the good people at Jomo Designs. You want Ethiocentric picture frames? They got it. You want to lounge on a replica of a provincial loveseat? They got that too. You want to sleep in a bed befitting an ancient King/Queen? Endeyta! (And don't forget home accessories that can transform a screen porch in Bickney, Nebraska to seem like a regal adarash in ancient Gondar.)

Visit them at: http://www.grapevine.net/~jomodzn/g-af/cgi/g-af2.html