In "Life Diaries" we will get to know some of our peers through a series of email correspondences.


Two people finally took pity on us and agreed to participate in "Life Diaries". However, with a caveat… one of them, a shy soul she, agreed to do this only if we agreed not to disclose her real name. (Abet! Abet! These tempremental writers and all their provisos! )

Well, no strangers to dysfunction ourselves, we begrudgingly agreed to this unseemly stipulation (hey, she is worth it!) but only if we chose her nom de plume:  Zerfeshuwal "Zerfe" Shemelis-Shewankitaw . Alas, she was not in the least bit threatened by this prospect, so we reverted to the more innocuous, though infinitely less exciting 'Rahel'.

Therefore, inaugurating "Life Diaries" are, all around good gal and decipherer of bad cells, Rahel X, and Theodros Dagne, consummate Washington insider, and probably the only other person in the world who really knows what happened in the Oval Office.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

If you would like to participate in this feature or know of a good candidate, please let us know. Contact us at Put "Life Diaries" in the subject line.