Top Ten Reasons SELEDA is Late This Month

10. Sorting out tiny run-in with the Immigration and Naturalization Services. By sheer coincidence, seems like one of us has married all of us (in that abesha-sociological phenomenon known as "serial greencardogamy").

  9. Online Webester's dictionary/thesaurus of multisylable gibberish refused connection for days.

  8. SELEDA missed its period... staff expecting the birth of  "Tiqur Seleda".

  7. SELEDA editorial staff in court suing spa which switched weekly milk bath from skim to 2%.

 6. Discontented staff  member 'accidentally' dropped October issue disc in the mesqel demera fire.

 5. Laundry lost  SELEDA Chieftain's kaba, and the jeweler broke the teklil, so no staff meetings were able to be conducted.

 4. Upper-management finally got cable hook up. Spent September mesmerized by all-day Dallas marathons on the Romance Channel.

 3. SELEDA was going be made ye mesqel wef... But WHEN is mesqel? Staff didn't know...

 2. Shipment of authentic nepotism straight from Addis finally made it to SELEDA headquarters. All editing now controlled by slacker, dim-witted playboy relation of SELEDA CEO. ....

              ... and the number one reason why SELEDA is late this month...

1. A glitch in "SELEDA-rity".