There are times when we here at SELEDA are in control of Life Diaries, and there are times when it resembles the pandemonium outside a Qebele Hebret Suq right after a "Zeit ale aloo" rumor wafts through a neighborhood at the height of the ration times. Frankly, we are still looking forward to a time when we can just even pretend we are in control.

We are back to the be-gimla Life Diaries--all of it in one take. Happily so. Unhappily, this month's writers were not in the least bit interested in any rules of engagement. They restlessly drummed their fingers while being told the guidelines… and we won't even get into which fingers.

Well, again we find ourselves capitulating to the "content" aspect of Life Diaries and did not even try to bring up the issue of the "Sim kenne abat… yemin pseudonym new?" rule, let alone try to enforce it. (We don't take too well to other people's arrogant scoffs.)

But in an ambidextrous karia tifi that has us still counting stars, not only do our Diarists take the temezmaza pseudonym route, but in a wholly hige weT and candidly impolite "Esti min tihonu" twist, they blow cannon-sized holes in the Life Diaries Wall of Honor. It starts with them using several pseudonyms, and it's downhill after that!

Since they are way higher on the mooTi scale than the whole SELEDA gang combined, we just let the whole thing go. In the interest of disclosure, they are friends, and frankly, deserve each other.

SELEDA is nonetheless proud to present a Boston area academician and a Bible Belt Corporate seit weizero to this forum. We wish we could say all we wanted, but, y'know, lawsuits an' stuff. You've been warned…