Top Ten Differences Between People from Bole and Arada…

10. Bole names: Mimi, Kiki, Chuchu, Tati, Nani

Arada names: (more descriptive): Aschalew, Agonafir, Wederyelesh, Andargachew, Yewibdar, Shibabaw

(Ye Bole Lij ke L.A.)

9. An Arada boy can take a girl on a date even if he has only 35 santim be-kissu.

(Sammy Debebe)

8. An Aradan approaches business like lovemaking. In Bole, lovemaking is approached like business.

7. This particular Top Ten is much ado about nothing—an Aradan would know that.

(Yilkal Abate Kassa, London)

6. Arada parents teach love to their children; Bole parents make love to Arada children.


5. When in jail for not attending Derg meetings, Bole kids wanted the guard to help them set a campfire "just like at Sodere". Arada kids suggested that a Bole kid be used as the starting log.

(Z. G, San Francisco)

4. BolewoCH know the exact dimensions of the back seat of a Volkswagen Beetle. Most of us Aradoch know how much weight you can balance on a listro berCHuma.

(AkalaCH Zebene, in Arada)

3. When you say to y'arada lijoch 'tadiass!', they reply, 'allenna!',

when you say it to ye Bole lijoch you get "Huh? What...? Huh?

Ican't hear you... a 767 just about scraped our foq bet...!"

2. Ye Bole lijoch leave Addis via Bole... y'arada lijoch, via Tolle...

(SELEDA Editor, ke Ammanuel Hospital.)

and the number one difference between Bole and Arada people…

1. Ye Bole lijoch sell their mothers’ watches in Arada; ye Arada lijoch sell the mothers of ye Bole lidjoch.